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"Americans Should Play ‘Game of Chess,’ Not Game of Money, in Competition With China: Reagan Admin Official"

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"US Companies Are Supercharging the Chinese Communist Party"

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"Asking Questions About China"

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"US approaching China's advances all wrong: former Reagan official"

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"Former Reagan official: Revive Cold War-era program to keep China from benefiting from coronavirus"

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"Technology Weapon Can Fix U.S. Debt Bomb: It’s Time We Redeployed Reagan’s Project Socrates"

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"Trump taking wrong approach to China, says Reagan official who helped 'Star Wars' beat the Soviets"

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"Trump is taking the wrong approach to China on tech, says ex-Reagan official who helped beat Soviets"

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"Just As Obama Seems Set To Give Up Spying On Allies, A New Book Shows Why That Would Be Crazy"

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"Trump’s new policies could seal US drone industry’s doom – and make us less safe"

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"Steve Bannon's Hong Kong speech was a love letter to authoritarianism"

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"Technology Official Quits at Pentagon"

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"The High Tech Future"

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"Technology boosts U.S. on battlefield, Stuart expert says"

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"The Sky is Their Limit: Local Push Goes National"

Woody, Laura, January 1991

"US on Losing End of High-Tech War, Say 2 Stuart Experts"

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"DIA's Project Socrates Goes Private"

May 1990

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"The Case for Antimatter"

October 1990

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"Project Socrates aims to aid U.S. firms"

July 1990

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"Nicolaus Copernicus, You're Needed Again"

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"A Job for CIA?"

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May 1992

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