Michael Sekora

Operation U.S. Forward

Michael Sekora was founder and director of Project Socrates, the intelligence community program that used all-source intelligence to determine the underlying cause of America's declining competitiveness and to develop the means to not just reverse the decline, but to ensure that the US remained strong economically for many generations. The cause of the decline was US decision-makers' abandoning technology-based planning and adopting economic-based planning at the end of WWII. To rebuild US competitiveness, Sekora led the Project Socrates team in the development of the means to enable the US to generate and lead the next evolutionary leap in technology-based planning--the Automated Innovation Revolution. The Socrates Automated Innovation system enables technology to be acquired and utilized (including R&D), with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and agility to generate and maintain the required competitive advantage. Today, Mr. Sekora focuses on “Operation U.S. Forward,” which is presently implementing the structure to deploy a fully updated, enhanced version of the Socrates Automated Innovation system as a nationwide planning asset in the US and in selected allied countries.